Thursday, December 19, 2013

Beijing Olympics: And the Gold Goes to Fashion

Last Friday, when the whole world was glued to TV( don't call it an idiot box please, at least for this time) to watch the Olympics opening ceremony live, the people had to go through some strange "fashionable" experiences.
Their mind's inquisitive nature always demanded some explanations in response to what they had been seeing on the screen. Actually, the problem was not with their mind.
Rather, the fashionable dresses representing a plethora of color combination which mirrored the cultural amalgam and versatility of the planet had created an illusion in their minds.
They couldn't make out what they were witnessing in fact. Were they watching a fashion catwalk on the premises of Bird's Nest? was of that sort. It was a fresh manifestation of how fashion is overpowering the exotic fields.
That evening, the opening ceremony of the biggest sports gala in the human history so far had provided a gateway to a "sporty" fashion. The real purpose, the games, had been pushed behind the curtains. And the colorful fashion apparel had taken center stage.
However, this marriage of fashion and sports is not a unique ceremony that we would feel like dancing. Because, we have seen a number of sports stars being the promotional campaigners of various famous fashion brands.
What amused most of the people that how the very fashion statement of sports persons had transferred directly from the huge billboards to the playground itself. And, perhaps, they looked better in those fancy dresses than their doctored photos on any fashion magazine's cover. Of course, we love reality.
Though grabbing the maximum number of gold medals always on the mind, most of the countries seemed to have sent their players only as fashion showpieces in order to show their growing prosperity. Probably, they might be thinking that " fashion makes a nation great." Here, you may laugh.
Finally, this sporting event will definitely see many records getting broken and made, but for me the record it has made on "fashion" tracks is set to survive for long. Undoubtedly, a record worth a gold medal.
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by Dexter James

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